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Austin Artists
-Chad Hopper makes playful collages and more.
-Annie Simpson presents "The Sea Calls us Home." A pirate woman washed ashore hears echoes of her love in the sea.

More Artists
-Intelligent and bizarre animated art at Oculart
-Maureen McCabe creates shadow boxes of antiquarian mystery.
-Wim van Egmond Stereo Photography. Requires 3D glasses.

Puppet Films
-Laura Heit monsters swimming underwater in The Amazing Mysterious and True Story of Mary Anning and her Monsters
-Genevieve Anderson's eerily moving Ola's Box of Clovers
-Heather Henson presents Handmade Puppet Dreams

Austin Art Organizations
-The Museum of Ephemerata houses fantastic objects
-The Austin Puppet Society has Cabarets.
-Austin Figurative Gallery has shows and model drawing.