Nevermore is a collection of works centering around a toad and his watery domestic life. This series of dioramas and film depicts the collision of domestic space and nature, using a toad’s home as the starting point.

Nevermore is the title of a show created for Casper College's Goodstein Gallery, and is also the name of a series of videos and works.

Common materials such as book covers, wax paper and grocery store circulars are combined and layered in space to create immersive environments. Peepholes, forced perspective, and other illusions are used to produce spaces that merge and muddle the notions of sculpture, painting, and cinema.

The first film, Nevermore: Toad's Home was created for the solo show Nevermore at Casper College in Wyoming and is displayed in their gallery. The second film, Doctor Foster was created for "Four Core Chambers," a show curated by Katie Anania at the Martina }{ Johnston Gallery in Berkeley, California.