"Rosie Rose in 'Make 'em Swoon'"
(2 min. loop, mini DV, 2009)

This video was created for the University of Tulsa's show "The Little Black Dress." I was sent a dress (seen pictured in the video), and asked to make a video inspired by it. This video combines live video, puppetry, installation, and animation.

In this video I play the character of "Rosie Rose," a starlet, or a woman with starlet aspirations. This video simultaneously revels in and lampoons feminity, contrasting the ideal and reality of nature.

Paper roses blossom everywhere, on bushes and from the ground, as if raised by the Midas touch of Rosie’s fingers. Likewise, woodland animals become enamored and come to grace our protagonist through a series of tableaus. The line between the fantasy and actuality becomes blurred.

video/ performance: Jeanne Stern
music: Sylvain Piron