"The Museum of Touch & Feel " - Anaglyphic
(4 min., stop-motion animation, 2009)

This version of the film requires red/cyan glasses to see 3D effect.
For alternate versions, scroll down.

“The Museum of Touch and Feel” addresses the way in which we
connect with the past through objects and spaces.  In this museum the
guests would touch the artifacts instead of looking at them. The
creator of the museum is now gone, but the building remains as a
physical extension of her, a virtual body which the narrator inhabits. 

Presented stereoscopically, the museum is an ephemeral sculpture, a
synaesthetic realm which viewers “touch” using their eyes as fingers.

Created for Solo Show "Shadow Tiger" at Gallery II, Texas State
Camera/ Light: Patrick Rusk, Amy Bench; Music/Audio: Matthew Thies

Additional Screenings:
"Time is Love," Werk-Raum Gallery, Berlin

NMASS Festival, Austin TX
"Methods of Entanglement" MASS Gallery/ UT Visualization Labratory

"The Museum of Touch & Feel " - Freeview
Freeview: To view in 3D, stare into the video like you are looking
through a window, until the left and right images overlap in the
middle to make a third, three-dimensional, image.
This is the same technique as is used for viewing "Magic Eye"
images. It may help to move farther away from screen.

WARNING: Viewing using this technique may cause headaches

"The Museum of Touch & Feel " - 2D
2D Viewing: This is a 2D version of the film, and includes only the right track